#268: Queen Anne, 2nd Ave N at Thomas St

268) This is a very special mailbox photo for two reasons. First, this box is right across the street from where thousands of patrons stream into the Seattle Center to head to the IMAX theater. The box just loves interacting with all the movie-goers and he gets especially excited when sci-fi films are playing as those bring out all the costumed fans. The second thing that makes this special is that this is the first of nearly 300 mailbox photos that’s blurry. I really don’t know what happened, but I assure you I feel terrible about it.

#263: South Lake Union, Boren at Denny

263) Long-time readers will remember this tragic post where I attempted to visit the box located outside the old Seattle Times building. It was a crushing blow that almost derailed this entire project, but somehow… somehow I persevered. It has taken many months, but now I’m ready to introduce you to the box that’s outside the NEW Seattle Times building. Yeah, it’s not as good of a box as the other one, but it’s all we’ve got. It’s all we’ve got.

#261: Queen Anne, Queen Anne Ave N at Boston St

261) This box seemed really, really jittery. At first I thought it was because he is stationed outside a Starbucks, and maybe he was picking up too much second-hand caffeine. But, that’s not it. Look up… there are a lot of wires overhead, all carrying some serious bucketfuls of electricity. This poor guy lives in constant terror of even one of those lines coming down, totally frying his metal body. I had nothing more to say, so I walked away.

Westlake, Dexter Ave N at Crockett St

214) As I’ve said several times before, I will never pass up the opportunity to enjoy a nice sit while out hunting mailboxes. It’s made even better when I can enjoy a nice backdrop like this one at Lyon’s Grocery! But hey, notice anything a bit unusual about this box? Normally, they’re installed so the slot faces the sidewalk, but this one is turned 90 degrees. Call your city council members and demand answers!

Westlake, Dexter Ave N at Howe St

209) For reasons that I do not at all understand, I’ve always had a fondness for the Swedish Club on Dexter. I’m not Swedish. I’ve never had one of their Swedish lunches. I only own a moderate amount of IKEA furniture. But whenever I go by it, I have to yell out “The Swedish Club!” It comes as no surprise that the mailbox standing by outside the club is very clean.

Queen Anne, Nickerson St at Queen Anne Ave N

204) You know, I would have called this location “Outer Fremont”… there’s even the giant billboard adding an essence of Fremontiness to the whole scene. But according to the real estate maps, this is actually the upper boundary of Queen Anne. This probably makes this particular mailbox feel isolated and confused, but at least it can watch the happy 7-Eleven patrons come and go all day.

Westlake, Westlake Ave N at Garfield St

201) It finally happened… I got photobombed! By someone actually mailing a letter! I guess the fact this didn’t happen for the first 200 photos is a biting commentary on just how infrequently the mailboxes are uses these days. In fact, three of the five boxes I was searching for along Westlake were GONE… leaving the bulk of the duties to this majestic double-wide.