#340: Downtown, Union St at 3rd Ave

340) This photo is a lie. A big fat lie. You’ve probably already spotted the problem. This photo is posted on February 5th, but there I am, supposedly trotting around downtown in shorts. True, there are many Seattleites who wear shorts year ’round, but I’m not one of them. So what’s up? Shortly after I took this photo in early September, I decided to save this box to be the final one in this project. After all, it’s at the 98101 post office, so could there be anything more central to the whole mailboxes-of-Seattle theme than this? So, I cast this photo aside and planned to reshoot it at the end of the project. Well, faithful readers know that a new box as been chosen to conclude the project! And since I no longer have to save this 98101 box for that occasion, I was able to resurrect this photo to present to you today. How’s that for a riveting story?

#339: First Hill, University St at Terry Ave

339) If it’s true that a good photograph tells a story, this this must be a GREAT photograph. Just look at what’s going on. See that No Parking sign? Well, guess where I’m parked. That’s right, I’m parked right about where the camera is, which is clearly in no-no land. To escape detection, I decided to hide behind the fancy garbage can, because if the police can’t see me, they can’t ticket me, right? But then, notice how the box is frantically dialing 911 to report me! What a snitch. You’ll be happy to know I got out of there unscathed and unticketed.

#319: Downtown, 5th Ave at Spring St

319) I found myself downtown, dressed in full business attire with a Bluetooth earpiece stuck to my head, thinking I really fit in with the crowd. Apparently, however, I looked foolish because this mailbox wouldn’t let me stand any closer than this. If I tried to get any closer, he’d hiss and flap his mail door at me until I backed away. Personally, I think he’s just grumpy over having to stare at the weird library all day, every day.

#311: Downtown, Stewart St at Terry Ave

311) You’ll notice that this mailbox is very, very nervous. Absolutely shaking in his boots, he is. Why? Because the peace and tranquility that he has known for decades is rapidly being shattered by the constant stomping and buzzing of new humans in the area. Look at the street corners — each one of them has a Now Leasing sign, luring new tenants into the new apartments buildings that have sprouted all around this guy. It’s a new world, one he’s not happy about.

#299: Downtown, 7th Ave at Pike St

299) Yesterday I posted a stunning example of public infrastructure that was obviously inspired by the humble mailbox. I thought it was the only such example in the city, but I was wrong! I had never noticed how the Convention Center street-arch-thing also takes its shape from this trusted public servant. Look at that majestic sweeping curve… it’s like being inside a giant mailbox skeleton.

#297: Downtown, Stewart St at 4th Ave

297) It took me three attempts to find this box. Seriously, I had sought it out on two previous occasions, and failed to find it both times. My data told me it was on this block, but it erroneously said that it was on the other side of the street. So two other times, there I was, looking up and down the sidewalk spotting nothing, all the while amusing the hell out of this guy. He was hiding in plain sight the whole time.