Wallingford, Stone Ave N at N 38th St

68) Bike series (2/7): You’re probably thinking “Hey, what happened to the Wallingford bike series that just started yesterday?” Don’t worry, this is still a part of it, but for some reason I took off my vest and helmet so there really isn’t any trace of biking in this shot. If you visited this unassuming mailbox on Stone Ave N at N 38th Street, I have no doubt it would vouch for the existence of my bike.

Wallingford, Whitman Ave N and N 40th St

67) Biking Series (1/7): What a treat I have in store for you! Due to the smashing success of the nine-part running series I published a couple weeks ago, I’ve decided to give you a thrilling seven-part series that chronicles a bike ride through one of Seattle’s loveliest neighborhoods, Wallingford! The first stop on our journey is at this somewhat neglected box at the intersection of Whitman Ave N and N 40th Street. I guess the box itself isn’t in too bad of shape, but the surrounding growth certainly needs a bit of trimming! You wouldn’t want a rabid raccoon jumping out and mugging you when you’re trying to mail your power bill, would you?

Green Lake, E Green Lake Way at Stroud Ave N

51) Running Series (8/9): We return to Green Lake proper with this box situated across the street at the intersection of E Green Lake Way at Stroud Ave N. There’s a chocolate shop right next to this box, and I thought about asking if they’d loan me a big tray of candies that I could roll around in for the shot. I figured it would be good exposure for them. I was talked out of even asking about it.