200! Wallingford, NE 45th St at 4th Ave NE

200) Faithful readers will remember 100 posts ago, when I celebrated that monumental occasion by inviting a group of friends to join me in a cake-filled boxapalooza. This week has been a bit busy, so I’m having to scale back on the festivities for the big 200 celebration. There’s no crowd, there’s no cake, but there is a nice Wallingford box that looks like it recently got a new coat of doesn’t-quite-match paint. On to 300!

University District, NE 43rd St at University Way NE

148) I came here to apologize to this box. You see, a couple weeks ago I did a world-famous bike series through the lower portion of the U District and I confidently thought I had picked up every last box in the area. A few days later, however, I realized I had missed the grandest box of them all, the one that stands guard outside the fortress-like post office building. So it was with the best intentions that I returned to the area to make my amends… but as I was about to do so, I got distracted by this sign.

Bryant, 35th Ave NE at NE 55 St

142) Sometimes I go out searching for mailboxes, sometimes the mailboxes find me. Such was the case last night when we went to try a new (to us) pizza place and found this magnificent box standing guard outside. As hungry we were, dinner had to wait until this much more important task was completed. And yes, the pizza that we did eventually eat was good.

University District, Roosevelt Ave NE at NE 42nd St

137) Bike series (6/10). I was so happy to find this mailbox! Over the past year, this stretch of Roosevelt has seen a lot of construction, and I had feared that this box had been a casualty of the march-of-progress. But there it was, in all its double-wide glory! I felt it best to celebrate its resilience with some stretching exercises, but it kind of looks like I’m trying to push it over.

University District, NE 45th St at 9th Ave NE

135) Bike series (4/10). This is one of those weird mailboxes that’s right out in the open but so easy to overlook. In my 30+ years in Seattle, I have probably driven, biked, run, and walked past this box over a thousand times, but I didn’t know it was there until I started this project. Someone else apparently felt the same way because they felt compelled to write “OPEN” on the side so others would know the box was available to do business.