#341: University District, NE 45th St at 17th Ave NE

341) This box used to live such a wonderful existence. Positioned right across the street from the main entrance to UW, it is on a main migration path for all the pupils who funnel down 17th from the dozens of fraternities, sororities, apartment buildings, and dank basements. There was a time when the box received a constant stream of letters, most of them to parents being asked to send more money. Nowadays, all those damn kids just use their Instagramcrackers and Snapwhatevers, the box lamented. I doubt any of them know which corner of an envelope gets the stamp.

#308: Children’s Hospital, off of the Ocean parking lot

308) For the last post of 2017, I thought I’d show you one of the most elusive boxes in Seattle. Oh sure, it looks like it’s right out in the open and easy to spot, but I assure you, that was not the case. All I knew was that there was supposedly a box on the Children’s Hospital campus, but I could not spot it using Google Street View, and my first venture exploring the campus turned up nothing. But when I tried again, I realized that I had overlooked an entire parking around back, and hey, there it was! And wow, that was a really dull story. I’ll have to do better in 2018.

#279: Ghost Box: Meridian, N 50th St at 1st Ave NE

279) Once again, I was too late. This time, by mere weeks. Faithful readers know that the single biggest threat to mailboxes is construction. It has been far too common of an occurrence for me to arrive at a mailbox location only to find the box gone and temporary fencing in its place. The inset photo is from Google Street View, showing what the scene looked like for many years (or even decades). But as you can see in the main photo, right now it’s just a scene of disappointment.

#276: Ravenna, 27th Ave NE at NE 55th St

276) Sometime boxes that are placed on sloped surfaces are given a bit of an adjustment so they can maintain an upright, proud posture. No such consideration was given to this poor fellow; instead, he’s forced to live each day about 10 degrees off of plumb. Not only that, but the apartment above and to the right plays nothing but Norwegian death metal, and it’s started to get on his nerves.

#264: Ravenna, 29th Ave NE at NE 55th St

264) Did you know that mailboxes hate sandwich board signs? I mean really, really hate them? For the longest time I thought this was because they were afraid people would be so distracted by their bright colors that they’d completely overlook the mailboxes. It turns out, however, that the true reason is far… well… I’m not really sure how to describe it. Mailboxes hate sandwich board signs because they occasionally blow over and the noise startles them.