#233: Beacon Hill, Beacon Ave S at S Myrtle St

233) Yes, this is yet another photo of me with a mailbox. But there’s something in this photo that is even more interesting than that box. More interesting than me. More interesting than the lovely fall leaves. It’s that sign nailed to the tree. The sign that advertises “A TERATIONS”. I honestly don’t know if the proprietor is making a great joke… or if the L just fell off.

Beacon Hill, 13th Ave S at S Shelton St

224) This photo looks like a promo shot for a new Vince Gilligan show. Those birds flying off as the exact moment the shutter clicked — that’s some heavy symbolism right there. And what exactly are we to make of that door on the right that presents a harsh one-foot drop to anyone leaving the building? Then there’s the mailbox, and his mysterious past that he only refers to as “the Tuscon days.”

South Park, 14th Ave S at S Director St

65) Another mailbox photo with an exciting (to me) historical (about me) reference! It was a chilly, rainy morning when I visited this South Park box on 14th Ave S at S Director Street, and to be honest, I took the picture and got back in the car as quickly as I could. It wasn’t until I downloaded the photo later that I noticed the row of low-slung apartment buildings in the distance on the right side of the image. That’s where I lived when I first moved to Seattle in the mid-80s! It wasn’t the nicest place, but it was convenient to work and it had a nice view of a huge galvanizing plant at the base of the hill.

South Park, S Cloverdale St near 5th Ave S

55) Hey, let’s pay another early-morning visit to South Park and see if we can catch this mailbox while it’s still snoozing! You’ll have to put in a little bit of extra effort to find this box tucked away in a business park off of S Cloverdale Street near 5th Ave S, but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it. Not only will you get a bonus FedEx box, but just look at those dozens of individual little mailboxes on the wall!

Boeing Field, E Marginal Way

33) Best I can tell, this is the one mailbox for the entirety of Boeing. Every single piece of mail they send probably gets deposited in this box. This must be one busy mailbox, yessiree. Fortunately, I visited it early in the day on a weekend, otherwise I probably would have been trampled by the constant stream of workers mailing things. If you find yourself on E Marginal Way, be careful.