Montlake, 24th Ave E at E Lynn St

87) Then there are the days you can’t be bothered to do the simplest of things. Like actually get out of the car. In my defense, time was a bit tight AND I was able to back into a parking space about two feet from my Montlake target. True, I do prefer to be able to spend some quality time with each mailbox, but sadly this one on 24th Ave E at E Lynn Street is just going to have to deal with it.

Capitol Hill, 15th Ave E at E Howell St

74) As you can see, I’m a little — oh, shall we say, distressed? — in this photo. Am I upset about all the graffiti on this Capitol Hill mailbox? No. Am I really, really sure that I’m not bothered by the graffiti? Yes, I’m sure. You see, what has me up in arms in that moments before this photo was snapped, I discovered that my wallet was not in my pocket and my brain was already starting to process just how big of a headache this was going to be for me. There was a happy ending, however, when I discovered my wallet was safe and sound at home. So don’t go to 15th Ave E at E Howell Street looking for it… it’s not there.

Montlake, Boyer Ave E and 16th Ave E

23) This project has proven to be very educational. Am I learning deeply repressed secrets of my own inner child? Am I learning about the crumbling infrastructure of the human soul? No, I’m mostly learning that I’m not very good at anticipating when the 10-second timer on my camera is going to fire, resulting in shots like this. I proved this to be true once again at the corner of Boyer Ave E and 16th Ave E in Montlake.

Montlake, 22nd Ave E and E Roanoke

10) After the bitter disappointment I faced a couple days ago when I found that a mailbox had been lost to a demolition project, I knew I had to head over to Montlake to snap this box as soon as possible. A while back I heard that the grocery store on this spot was in danger of being torn down to create a staging area for the west end of the 520 bridge project. I don’t know if that’s still going to happen, but happily the box was there waiting for me at 22nd Ave E and E Roanoke when I arrived on this rainy Saturday morning.