Whittier Heights, NW 80th St at 11th Ave NW

125) Where’s Whittier Heights, you might ask? Well, it’s a little NE of Ballard, a little NW of Phinney Ridge, and a little south of Crown Hill. Interestingly, every single person in this neighborhood is named Whittier. Not John Whittier or Mary Whittier, just Whittier. Even this mailbox responds to being called Whittier. The pole, however, is the property of the city and refuses to be called anything.

Olympic Manor, NW 89 Place and 23 Ave NW

19) The skies were menacing the morning I visited the Olympic Manor neighborhood and found this box waiting at NW 89 Place and 23 Ave NW. Fun fact — We used to live near here and would frequently take the dog on walks through these streets. One thing that was impossible not to notice was how many lawns were impeccably groomed with the grass blades cut to about 1/2?. They reminded me of military buzz cuts.

Loyal Heights, 24th Ave NW at NW 80th St

9) Today I took a quick trip over to visit the Loyal Heights neighborhood, where I found a mailbox that had been kind enough to set out a bench for weary travelers like myself. I enjoyed a very nice sit while speculating what that sloppy paint job was covering up. If you find mailing letters to be a tiring effort, you might want to head over to 24th Ave NW at NW 80th Street and rest up.