#230: Sunset Hill, Seaview Ave

230) Here we have another example of “I really can’t be bothered.” You see, I was running a bit late and had to get this shot as quickly as possible. Plus, a landscaper was working that hedge with a very menacing trimmer and I didn’t want to risk getting any appendages lopped off. So, I stayed in the care where it was safe. That doesn’t, however, explain why my finger looks so weird.

Crown Hill, 19th Ave NW at NW 83rd St

173) There was a chill in the air the morning I visited this Crown Hill corner. The utility pole felt it. The stone wall felt it. The green woven fence felt it. And the mailbox… oh yeah, the mailbox certainly felt it. The box gave me a dim, mournful stare, as to say “hey, help me out… give me your jacket.” Ultimately, I did no such thing. I just got back in the car and drove away.