Central District, 23rd Ave and E Union St

63) You know what’s exciting? To be heading out to photograph a mailbox and realizing that you actually have something that needs to be mailed! I was so excited by this turn of events that I decided to make this an action shot as I passed by this sturdy snorkel box at the Madrona post office. I’m sure everyone in the vicinity of 23rd Ave and E Union Street could sense my excitement.

Lake Washington, Lakeside Ave S

42) This was an annoying photo to take. This mailbox is within spitting distance* of Lake Washington, but there wasn’t any convenient way for me to get the actual lake in the shot. Trust me, it’s there, off to the left. And it’s really big. If you were standing here on Lakeside Ave S you’d understand. (* Granted, you’d have to be a rather strong spitter.)