#318: Squire Park, E Jefferson St at 12th Ave

318) You may think I have the world’s easiest job, skipping all over town and posing with mailboxes. Well let me tell you, it’s a lot tougher than it looks. Especially all the record-keeping. For example, I have to make sure each photo is properly logged to the correct address, otherwise I might end up with an embarrassing screw-up. Every now and then, however, I encounter a helpful box that makes my life supremely easy. Just look at this proud fellow. He politely positioned himself so that my photo would be awash with street signs, leaving absolutely no question as to where this photo was taken. A dutiful civil servant, indeed.

#303: Seattle University, behind the library

303) When you see me excitedly pointing at a box, it can only mean one thing… it was a box that was hiding from me, but I found it! Before I head out to capture a box, I try to spot it on Google Street View so I can be sure of its location. Street View, however, can fail me when the box is hidden, such as when it’s tucked away behind a building on an inner-city campus. For times like this, I have to adopt the ways of my ancestral mailbox hunters and actually get out of the car and walk around a bit. Crude, but effective.

#246: Capitol Hill, E Madison St at 14th Ave E

246) Positioned right across the street from the long-running Chop Suey club, I’m sure this box has seen a thing or two over the years. Drunken escapades, belligerent party-goers, boisterous scalawags… it must be quite a show. Try as I might, however, I couldn’t get the box to tell any stories. He just muttered “I’ve seen things, man… I’ve seen things…” and then totally withdrew.