#330: Northgate, 8th Ave NE at NE Northgate Way

330) Oh, Northgate Post Office snorkel box, I can’t believe it took this long for me to get to you. Maybe it’s because you’re stuck in one of the most awkward parking lots in the city. Maybe it’s because I’m up near you so often that I kept thinking “I’ll get that one next time.” Maybe I’m still sore from that time a postal employee inside yelled at me for setting a prepaid package in the wrong spot. But I’m here for you today, Northgate Post Office snorkel box, I’m here for you today.

Northgate, NE Northgate Way at Roosevelt Way NE

194) A box of opportunity! A box of opportunity! I was casually enjoying a burrito at the Taco Del Mar in this tiny shopping center when I remembered that I had a letter with me that needed a-mailing. And then I remembered that there was allegedly a mailbox across the parking lot, in front of TJ Maxx. Well, as you can see, all these things came together in a splendid moment when I was able to post my letter and get the picture… all after finishing my delicious burrito, of course.

Northgate, 5th Ave NE near NE 115th St

144) It’s another Box of Opportunity! I’m standing in front of my dentist’s office, a place I’ve been visiting diligently every six months for many, many years. But did I ever notice the mailbox positioned proudly right out front? Nope, not until this morning, that is! It’s good to know that I can just save up all my mailing for six months and take care of it when I come in for my check-ups.

Lake City, NE 120th St at 31st Ave NE

77) Check out this fantastic Lake City box. It’s a massive double-wide snorkel model, and it even has a dedicated pull-out area next to the road to make for easy mailing. Scenes like this tell me that the area has probably changed quite a bit in the decades since this box was installed. There must have once been a time when this degree of mailing capacity and convenience was warranted in this location, but now, it seems like a bit of overkill. If you would like to assess this for yourself, please head up to NE 120th Street at 31st Ave NE.