NW Hospital, N 115th St at Meridian Ave N

107) Bike Series 4/8. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find this mailbox. Well, that’s a lie. I certainly can tell you and I certainly will. My data told me this box existed, but because it’s on the NW Hospital campus, I wasn’t able to verify its existence using Google Streetview. I strongly suspected there was no box, but rather just a mail slot in the building lobby (booo!), but I had to check it out to be certain. And damn, look what I found!

Broadview, N 130th St at Stone Ave N

106) Bike Series 3/8. This must be an amazingly great location to send letters and packages to far-off destinations, because look at all the choices available. What was most surprising, however, is that while posing for this shot I found that the UPS and FedEX boxes were a bit rickety. Both of them teetered a bit when I put my hands on them. But that USPS box? Solid as a rock.

Haller Lake, Roosevelt Way N at 1st Ave NE

21) Let me end the suspense and tell you right now that no, I did not get the Free Gulp. Nor did I take advantage of the 2 for $20 special. I didn’t even use the ATM Inside. All I did was grab this quick photo outside the 7-Eleven as I passed through the Haller Lake neighborhood. If you want to take advantage of any of these great offers, get yourself up to Roosevelt Way N at 1st Ave NE pronto.