#257: SODO, Airport Way S at S Walker St

257) Here we have yet another box that I was absolutely thrilled to meet, because I was not sure it actually existed. The data said it was there, but I couldn’t spot it using Google Streetview so I feared that it was an ex-box. But there it was, tucked away 150 feet off the main road, hiding up against a building. Some boxes are content to live quiet lives… this is one of those boxes.

Production Note: With this, I have now posted every mailbox south of I-90.

Industrial District, E Marginal Way at Diagonal Ave S

183) Listen, this is obviously a very fine mailbox and I’m sure it has many fine qualities that I could discuss, but there’s another factor in today’s entry that I find — dare I say? — even more interesting. I’ll call your attention to the cross street, specifically Diagonal Ave S. This is one of those supremely awesome street names that reveals that sometimes the city planners just come up dry. There they were, assigning names to streets in the area — Marginal, Hudson, Dawson — and they probably thought they were all done for the day, when someone said “hey, what about this street that runs at a diagonal?” (And yes, I just made that up. As far as I know, it may have been named after the intrepid explorer Winston J. Diagonal. Which is another thing I just made up.)

SODO, Holgate St at 6th Ave S

182) Mailboxes are very dedicated to their cause, and rarely — if ever — give into distractions. Take this dutiful box, for example. For many years, the gas station across the street has been flirting with it, even going so far as to boldly displaying its phone number in a desperate “call me!” plea. But the mailbox has no time for that, choosing to keep its attention focused forward, ready to receive your mail.

SODO, 4th Ave S near S Lander St

30) Sometimes you just have to take the best shot that you can get. I would have loved to have stood side-by-side with this glorious double-wide snorkel box, but to do so would have caused a bit of a traffic jam in the drive-thru lane of this post office in the SODO district. If you visit this box on 4th Ave S near S Lander Street, have your mail ready to go and don’t waste any time in the line!