Magnolia, 21st Ave W at W Emerson Place

211) You’ve certainly heard of tourist traps like the Oregon Vortex and other such places, where the laws of physics supposedly don’t apply (spoiler alert: they do). Well, I think this building — home of Icicle Seafoods — might qualify for such a designation. Why? Because despite being on a relatively quiet street, cars magically appeared every time my camera timer clicked down from 10. The street would be deserted. I’d set the timer and run up the stairs, counting down from 10 in my head. 4… 3… 2…1… CAR! After this happened a few times, you can probably appreciate why I threw my arms up in victory when I finally saw that I was getting a clear shot. Oh, this box? His friends call him the Icicle Box. He thinks it’s because he’s so cool, but it’s actually because his friends think he’s a drip.