#321: Miller Park, E Thomas St at 19th Ave E

321) Yesterday I completely broke the internet when I posted a mailbox that was very unique in the world of mailboxes. Today I’m doing it again! See that box above? That box has the very special distinction of being the only box I’ve had to go out and photograph TWICE. Huh? You see, I first visited this box way back in April 2017, grabbing a photo of it and its lovely bus stop neighbor. But when I got home and checked the camera, the photo was gone. Gone, gone, gone. Not even in the Trash folder. I never did figure out what happened to that photo, but I knew that one day I would have to return and redo the shot. As you can see, I did in fact return to the scene, but this time I got distracted by the construction work across the street. At least the picture survived.