#322: Queen Anne, Roy St at 6th Ave N

322) Queen Anne Five-Pack (1/5) — Exciting news! Yesterday, we were heading out on some errands and i realized there were FIVE untapped mailboxes on our route! Faithful readers know that when I encounter a cluster like that, I like to feature them in a series… so here we go! The first stop in this series finds us just off of Aurora. This box has backed himself up against two poles, but for what reason I don’t know. Did something bad happen across the street and he wants to be sheltered from any further activity? Is he just tired and needs something extra to lean on? Is he actually in the process of walling himself off from all of society and is actively recruiting new poles to join him? Or maybe he’s just upset that the Space Needle is getting a $100 million facelift but he can’t get anyone to clean the graffiti off of him.