#334: International District, S Weller at 5th Ave S

334) When I was in the early stages of this project, it was full of “firsts.” The first box in the University District! The first box that’s next to a green relay box! But now that things are winding down, I’m noticing a lot of “lasts.” For example, this box is the last one to be shot in the International District. Although I found this to be a fascinating bit of news, the box itself was rather unimpressed. It was much more concerned about when all those leaves were going to be cleaned up, because hey, it’s got an image to uphold.

#333: Queen Anne, Queen Anne Ave N at West Raye St

333) There have certainly been a lot of mailboxes on Queen Anne and this isn’t even the last of them… I still have two more to visit! I wonder if it’s because the terrain is so hilly that they don’t want citizens to have to walk very far to reach a box? Whatever the true reason is, I apparently made quite the faux pas when I asked this box why there are so many of them on the hill. He answered with a very befuddled “What? There are others like me?” at which point I stared off into the distance and walked away.

#331: Belltown, Western Ave at Lenora St

331) This is one smug box. After years and years of delays, the end of the Hwy 99 tunnel project is finally in sight, which means it won’t be that much longer until the viaduct in the background comes down. And when that happens, this box should have a pretty sweet view of the water. Hence the smugness… the box is under the impression that his personal property value will go way up. In reality, what’s more likely is that he’ll get ripped up and replaced with an artisanal boutique ketchup stand.

#330: Northgate, 8th Ave NE at NE Northgate Way

330) Oh, Northgate Post Office snorkel box, I can’t believe it took this long for me to get to you. Maybe it’s because you’re stuck in one of the most awkward parking lots in the city. Maybe it’s because I’m up near you so often that I kept thinking “I’ll get that one next time.” Maybe I’m still sore from that time a postal employee inside yelled at me for setting a prepaid package in the wrong spot. But I’m here for you today, Northgate Post Office snorkel box, I’m here for you today.

#329: Queen Anne, W Newell St at 10th Ave W

329) Here’s a pro tip — never let a mailbox take control of the situation and art-direct your photo shoot. I started off standing next to this Queen Anne box, but then made the mistake of taking its advice. “Hey, you know what would be good? If you were on the other side of the street. Yeah, like that. Now, stand at the top of the stairs. That’s great! Try taking a step down. Now another. Another. One more.”

Stupid mailbox.

#328: First Hill, Boren Ave at Jefferson St

328) This was a very elusive box. It’s not the box would hide from me, but like the desert lizards that evade predators by crouching among the thorny cacti, this box has escaped capture by living in an area with essentially no available parking. Nestled among hospitals and clinics, the limited on-street parking in this area was always full whenever I was on the prowl. Finally, I got wise and visited early one Saturday morning. As I triumphantly plopped myself on the low wall next to the box, he let out a resigned sigh and just said,
“OK, let’s just get this over with.”

#327: Belltown, 4th Ave at Cedar St

327) As we’ve learned over the past 327 days, mailboxes get a bit grumpy when they’re covered in graffiti. And can you blame them? Imagine how it would be if you were just standing there doing your job and someone came along and scribbled paint all over you. Now imagine your feet are bolted to the ground and you don’t have any arms to fight back with! But as much as the boxes dislike the graffiti, they’re also not too fond of mediocre, incomplete attempts to remove it. Oh sure, they appreciate the effort, but when it results in a lot of smeared paint, well, boxes like this one tend to remain a bit grumpy.