West Seattle, California Ave SW at SW Edmonds St

198) It was a relatively quiet morning when I visited this West Seattle box… until I told that box that it would be entry number 198. Then all hell broke loose. From what I understand, this box’s life is filled with near-misses and also-rans. It almost earned a ride on the space shuttle. It almost saw Jake Gyllenhaal at a Starbucks. And now, it was almost the 200th box. Tough luck, indeed.

West Seattle, California Ave SW at SW Oregon St

185) One thing that I’ve learned during the course of this project is that mailboxes can be very single-minded. Take this guy, for example, His job is to use his fine snorkel feature to collect mail from cars, not from pedestrians who might enjoy using the snorkel. Because his senses aren’t terribly acute, however, I found that you can get away with using the snorkel if you just pretend to be in a car. Silly mailbox.

West Seattle, 63rd Ave SW and SW Hinds St


24) I started this project by visiting the Four Corners of Seattle, snapping the boxes that staked out the most outer extremes of our fair city. This box is also geographically special, as it is the westernmost mail receptacle, beating its closest competitor by a full two blocks. If you need to mail something to Hawaii, you should probably venture over to 63rd Ave SW and SW Hinds Street in West Seattle and drop your letter in this box. You know, to give it a head start.